4 May 2018

I am officially „severely disabled“ – what?!? Why?!? Well, it proves my point again…. you don’t see cancer, I don’t look ill – even get a lot of compliments regarding my hairstyle…. but life is not the same and it will never be the same again!

What do I need this ID for? I know that I get a €40 discount on the annual zoo card, five extra days of paid holidays and tax benefits, which is a great! Cancer blogger Judy recommended to buy „my rights with a severe handicap“ (ISBN 978-3-406-65426-8) and I will. Might as well benefit from living with the devil 😉

My day is busy, but really productive and I am proud of myself! I have a post radiation breakfast with Hannah, run some errands and I am almost done sorting the kids wardrobes. Since it is something apparently only I have the superpower to do, it had not been done since my diagnosis – at least…. actually more like a year or even more…. what a burden and how wonderful that I managed to do it! In a way I am now decluttering my flat and my life. I had the urge to do it for ages, but no energy and despite being tired, the radiation does not seem to have and side effects and with the two kids tired is something I have been living with for a while 😉 yep, I use the time before the next chemo to get sorted and then I might find peace and quietness to continue working on my book 😀

I am done for the day and even managed to go to a parent meeting at music school and a parent meeting at Mia’s Kindergarten! My Mum is here with my nephew Janis, summer is here as well and I am going out to Suderman with the girls tonight – Hannah’s husband actually runs it! The day does not have enough hours …. I need a quiet day to catch up with a few friends, but will hopefully manage during the weekend – I am tired, but happy …. over and out!

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