3 May 2018

I use the baby brush for a stylish radiation wave – thanks, Elisa for the tip! This sounds funny, but my new hair can really hurt a bit, when it points the wrong way… my scalp is somehow more sensitive!

Radiation 5/28 in the books! Apart from fatigue, I am fine and my skin is still ok, but I will treat it to some cabbage wraps tonight, as it tingles a tiny bit 😀

The radiographer redraws my lines – do I need to worry that they are all wobbly? Guess they are better at radiation than drawing and don’t need a steady hand, as the machines are moving automatically once programmed and not per joy stick – thank goodness for that 😉

I have a few appointments and drop the new sick note off at HRG. It is great to see the colleagues and I am very touched to receive a hotel voucher for one night in Düsseldorf – thank you ❤️❤️❤️ well, will have to go to the forbidden city, I guess? Who will I take along? Maybe I go by myself?!?

I am really tired – it is a mixture of radiation and having the first sleepless night since ages. While I pause for a complimentary head and neck massage, I receive the devastating news – my Insta friend Dany, who I shortly met at Bloggers4Charity, has a rezidiv – she is in remission, just finished her treatments, was looking forward to summer and going back to work…. but she is a tough cookie!! 😘 … but it is just so unfair! Paula, Dany… enough is enough!

Leo invited his kindergarten friend Pepe for a playdate – I try to watch them from the sofa, but am actually busy with the three kids. Well, at least the toys are sorted now…. Markus is at sports, I hope that the kids will fall asleep any minute now and Simone is coming over tonight. We will chill and have alcohol – a little wine and I will be fine!

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