2 May 2018

Today is a good day – busy, I still have a tummy ache, but good and I even manage to mediate before I cycle to radiation! It is nice to ride my bike, but choosing the wrong route results in me just being spot on time for my radiation slot at 8:50 sharp 😉

Anything I said about radiation before is at stake today, as they called me in 20 minutes late – mental note to myself: it does not do any harm to be a couple minutes early …. Frau Schöps and her zimmer frame are waiting already. She is tired and so am I and apparently this is not the weather, but a side effect…. I still think the weather plays a part though!

I manage sports, coffee and a rest before I pick up Leo from Kindergarten and Mehrnaz and Laetizia visit for a play date and it feels good. It feels normal and I want a little bit normal right now!

As a closure, I see Dr. Multhaupt, who is one of my many psycho oncologists, for a final session tonight. We decide that I am now in good hands with Anja Gattinger in Haus LebensWert and our ways part here. She helped me a lot on my way ….. which way? I don’t know, where I am going and where this is leading me to, but it does not really matter. I am more and more in the here and now and I am getting to know myself better and I accept what I cannot change, change what I want to change, find out what I want and try to do it. There are many people going a part of this way with me and everyone plays a different role and some come and go and some are here to stay!

I need to make sure to rest more and therefore I will have a quiet evening now!

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