1 May 2018

Here she’s going on about it again – it is the first! Time to check your boobs and listen to your body! I still have a lump in my left breast, but it is getting better and as I am writing this, Mia comes in „go to hospital, my breast is hurting, need plaster“ 😂 …. ok, you get the point! Check yourself – it only takes a couple of minutes and it can save your life!

I realize that I need to look after myself a bit more and I am sending Markus with the kids to the zoo, as I need to cover from a dreadful night and the early bird shift!

Today is Mayday and there is a tradition in some regions in Germany, where the night before the 1st of May, men place young birch trees with colourful paper ribbons outside the houses of their open or secretly loved ones. This is not a tradition where I come from and therefore I never had one, but even when I moved to Cologne, where you see them everywhere with names on them avoiding ambiguity, which is often caused by the density in cities and multi flat houses – I never had one…. years of mentioning it, finally produced one in 2015 – Markus placed a wee one on our van, as we were traveling Europe for two months with baby Leo and stopped at my parents…. I never had one again though 😂! It is ok as I just love seeing them everywhere and as we are quite liberal in Cologne a lot of men get them as well. Love is all around ❤️

I start feeling funny as we are about to leave the house and run to the loo. Markus and the kids go without me and I feel lonely and sorry for myself. Tummy cramps and diarrhea make me think of bowel cancer, but it was probably just the fried eggs I had for lunch. I am glad I have the colonoscopy on the 18th…. it is probably nothing, but „it does not happen to me“ no longer works for me. Look after yourself!

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. Stay strong. You’re doing amazingly well. And remember, as someone once told me, it’s nothing until it’s something. Lots of love from a fellow SURVIVOR xxx

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