30 April 2018

Frau Schöps is very old and walks slowly with her Zimmer frame into the radiation center. I am ten minutes early today and we chat about cancer and radiation, being tired and living in the same neighbourhood… she had a mastectomy 30 years ago and there are new tumors around her scar and they spread… yep, it can always come back and I won’t even start on how unfair this is! Frau Schöps is optimistic though and takes one step at a time. The positive news – Paula’s tumor did not spread and that is excellent news!

I praise the efficiency in the radiation center and the Italian doctor confirms that in Italy, this would not be possible 😉 Honestly, I am called into radiation 8:48, undress, wait, radiation, dress myself again and am leaving the building at 9:00! Whoosh!

Sabrina, who I met at the blogger workshop picks me up and we drive to the university clinic, have coffee and she has her blood checked, while I have music therapy and a psycho oncology session….

Music therapy is wonderful – half the wonderfulness is due to the incredible view from the 12th floor, but it is the music that makes me happy and emotional. I chat to the psycho oncologist, which adds to this feeling and walk with Sabrina back to the car. She has a gene mutation, a lymphoma and leukaemia and really needs a donor, but handles everything so well!

I will help her organize a bone marrow donor registration with DKMS in Cologne! It is super easy, only takes one minute and can save lifes – her life for example!

Today is the first time since my diagnosis that I invited one of Mia’s friends over – Moritz and his Mum Marie. Let’s see how it goes and yes, it is a very nice afternoon and I am happy. I enjoy my kids, they seem to be happy and am proud of myself and even manage to go to yoga tonight. I am very emotional though, as I have not done any yoga since Bali, my conversation with the psycho oncologist is stuck in my head and during the end relaxation tears start running down my cheeks. I rush home, as Markus wants to go out tonight and the wind tries my tears, as I cycle through the park. I am tired, but happy and off to bed now, as I am on early bird shift tomorrow 😉

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