29 April 2018

You did it again…. you are an asshole, you stupid cancer, and you don’t play fair! I hate you! You grew during my bosom buddy Paula’s first chemo and now during the second chemo as well?!? Not funny …. but you picked the wrong girl – she is badass! Thinking of you ❤️

I started to watch a movie last night… why do I always pick the wrong ones?!? Is Amazon Prime evil suggesting the wrong movies where people die of cancer?!? Can’t you have a cancer ratings just like a kids ratings? I get up early with the kids, but later take some time off and watch the rest of the movie only to realize that she actually dies! Why don’t they put info like this in the preview?!? Can I only watch Disney movies now?!? Well, even then you don’t have the guarantee…. surely sometimes the thoughts arise, the ifs, but that does not help…. surely I think about death as well, about my kids, especially since another cancer blogger died last week. Svenja – I never heard about her, but saw one of her videos… surely we can all die and it is something everyone has to live with……not only a cancer patient – here is to life and to living each day to the fullest!

After a cancer blogger workshop last weekend, most of the participants connected and chatted a lot and decided to be the „Invisible Army“. We feel that we are ambassadors for anyone connected with cancer and it is our responsibility to make cancer and the fight that often happens behind closed doors visible! Join us on Facebook today, be part of our finding process, see us develop and grow and help us to break the taboo!

The sun is coming out, I dry my tears, put on some makeup and join the family for some fun in the sun! It is a lovely day and we have dinner near the deer park!

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