28 April 2018

I used to look forward to weekends, but now I am somehow dreading them… I love spending time with my kids, but I still don’t really have the energy for a full day of kids chaos! Maybe it is only the fear that I won’t manage and fail at being a good Mum…. am I the only one, who feels this way?!?

I actually get up early with Mia to give the boys a lay-in, manage to fulfill Leo’s pancake wish and actually have the power and nerves to simply enjoy it! On top of it, we actually make it to the market and visit the Montessori primary school fair for lunch. I love our local market, as the vendors are always the same, there are loads of flowers, local produce and there is this guy with the coffee cart, who does a wonderful soya latte, while the kids love the waffles and the freebies they get – I try to by local, regional and seasonal and the market makes it a really nice event. I get flowers and fruits, am really happy, enjoy atmosphere, love the time I spend with my kids, but I also appreciate Markus taking the kids to his parents in the afternoon to give me a chance to gain strength for the rest of the weekend!

I am home alone and realize that I have not meditated for ages. This is what I will do right now and I might sleep! If I have any energy left before the kids come home, I have the mission to sort out and tidy their wardrobes…. if…. maybe….or I might just relax for a change and read and save my energy for my kids! Enjoy your weekend!

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