27 April 2018

Radiation 2/28 – I am early, everything clicks like clockwork today…. ready, taxi, traffic lights all green, in, radiation, out. If I had not been early, I would have spent no more than fifteen minutes in the building… wow!

Off I go to Frau Kakizaki, the non-medical practitioner …. pity I only notices two days ago that I should document what I eat for three days 😳 one day is documented, but she calls that her bike broke down have way to her practice and I get off the tube there and then. I could just go home, but since I am downtown I meet Sonja for a spontaneous coffee – she is my colleague (we started ten years ago on the same day with HRG) and my friend (and I was her maid of honour, as I set her up with one of Markus‘ friends 😉).

I could go home now, but instead I run some errands and go shopping….ahhhh… I have no money – but retail therapy is somehow something I need right now! Do I really? Or is it rather the feeling that I don’t want to stop, to rest, to think? Am I running away? What am I running away from? Am I keeping myself busy in order not to be at home? I hope I am not addicted to shopping yet…?!? After chemo shopping is one thing, but a daily shopping routine would definitely manoeuvre me into bankruptcy 🤦‍♀️ bam flat broke – but for today, I don’t care, am happy and am exhausted when I finally return home.

I rest and am relieved that the music school parent meeting has been cancelled. The girls are going out tonight, but so is Markus and therefore I cannot even consider going out and will sleep sleep sleep and whoop whoop no radiation tomorrow!

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