26 April 2018

Radiation 1/28 – I do my last physio in the morning and am a bit nervous. My heart is ok and my body strong enough, which is something I am grateful for, but I do not know my way around the radiation business yet. Surely I will have the hang of it in no time being there almost every day for the next six weeks 😉

The staff is friendly, but it feels a bit like a factory with loads of patients going in and out. It is my turn and I shall remove my top and wait for my call while covered with the towel I brought along. I am a bit nervous, as I enter the room. There is a table and something that looks like a massive electric fluff remover… I need to lay on my back with my arms over my head – there are moulds into which I am being placed. My hip is adjusted and I shall not move…the the table is sliding slowly towards the radio head!

Today they need a bit more time to measure and draw the radiation fields onto my body… a bit more time means ten minutes… I thought I already had a lot of lines, but now I am covered with green and black lines. Let’s hope they stay….

Then it starts….A massive robot arm moves the radiation head around my body. It feels like I am part of a nuclear experiment or an astronaut in training, but it is actually more of a sun bed, but open to all sides. The radio head sends beams from my right through my breast, then does the same from my left, while I try to breath normally…. try, but my heart is actually beating really fast. The whole procedure does last maybe 5 minutes and it’s a wrap! See you tomorrow 😎

A doctor takes pictures of my war paint and my face, before I see Dr. Ricke, as I still have discharge from my breast and wonder, if I can continue with lymph drainage and if cabbage wraps are ok…. Dr. Ricke gives the go for Lymphdrainage once a week and cabbage leave, but looks a bit puzzled asking which cabbage I use 😂 “white” and yes, I smell like Sauerkraut now and then….Here is an example of German efficiency at it’s best – I spent not even 30 minutes in this building.

I see my auntie Ingrid and uncle Sigi for lunch and treat myself to a beautician appointment (she plugged eyebrows, but just minimal 😉) and I notice that I am short of breath… and after meeting the kids and our household aid, I need to lay down, my eyes are burning, I cancel Simone for the evening and am now in my PJs waiting for Maja to pick up an outfit for Sunday before I plan to fall into a coma…. Good night!

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