22 May 2018

I am home after radiation and a reflexology and acupuncture session - calm, tired and sentimental. Even my fingers hurt now in the morning, but Ingrid says it is the same for her and it feels like we are these two whinging grannies complaining about their aches and pains 😂 Throwback Tuesday?!?!! London 1998 -... Continue Reading →

21 May 2018

Fatigue.... cancer fatigue, kids fatigue, whatever fatigue.... I am soooo tired! I had this picture taken by Annegret Balsereit about half way through chemo, just before loosing my last eyebrows and lashes and I don't think that I was this tired then.... but then again, it is all a bit blurry 😉 My eyebrows and... Continue Reading →

20 May 2018

Being in Meschede brings back many memories - childhood memories, youth memories.... coming home late from a lovely evening with Frauke and watching TV with my brother in the middle of the night, is something I have not done forever.... normal, nice and peaceful! I manage to visit my school friend Anne-Karen and her family... Continue Reading →

19 May 2018

"Why do you have cancer, Mummy?" It is the curiosity and honesty of children, which is the purest - this is what makes it the hardest and the easiest at the same time... children ask me directly why I am bald and I can talk about it. I will always prefer that to any talking... Continue Reading →

18 May 2018

Radiation 15/28 is done and I am waiting for my first colonoscopy .... whoohooo! I actually know two women, who work in the endoscopy department in St. Vincent hospital and I am happy they are not the ones doing it... My two babies were born in this hospital and it is a place I like... Continue Reading →

17 May 2018

Half time ..... whoohooo radiation 14/28 is in the books 🎉🎉🎉 Otherwise I have first world problems today 😉 Tired.... yep, no surprise here. I shall eat only limited dietary fibre due to my colonoscopy tomorrow and from 4 pm I stop food all together and empty my bowel.... ahhhhh.... yuck! I have nothing planned... Continue Reading →

16 May 2018

Radiation 13/28 - Ingrid (I actually met her before in the tube, but she was wearing a wig) has the same funny regrowth like me - super strong above the ears... I am tired, but can rest today after the running Mamas 😀 and actually make it to a Lufthansa event in the evening. Why... Continue Reading →

15 May 2018

Curly hair?!? Yep - despite the ultra short length, my hair is going wild... unbelievable 😂 The rest of me is just tired, tired, tired.... radiation 12/28, podologist, physiotherapy and I am done! Frau Dietrich, the physio therapist, informs me that muscle ache can be caused by radiation and my aching bones and joints likewise... Continue Reading →

14 May 2018

Mia is 2 - and happy that her biggest wish comes true.... chocolate chocolate chocolate! She is tired, but she is overwhelmed, her eyes are sparkling and my heart explodes ❤️ I am tired too, but flow through the day! Radiation 11/28 - I meet Anna again, who will now be doing the rest of... Continue Reading →

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