19 May 2018

“Why do you have cancer, Mummy?” It is the curiosity and honesty of children, which is the purest – this is what makes it the hardest and the easiest at the same time… children ask me directly why I am bald and I can talk about it. I will always prefer that to any talking behind my back, whispering or pretending that I have hair…. well, I think I have just passed a level, where my hair looks purposely trimmed, but you know what I mean 😉

Why do I have cancer? I swallow and pause before I tell my son that nobody really knows why one has cancer and that I was just unlucky, but that it is gone now and I have more treatment in order to make sure that it does not come back! Yes, I really really hope that this is the way it will go …

We are visiting my parents, as my brother Micky and his son Finn are in Meschede. “You have hair in your face!” Yes, honesty – my nephew is honest, but this is a sore point…. I have new born fluff all over my body…. my arms, my shoulders, my neck and on my face. The face really bothers me and I hope it will soon fall out, as I am scared that if I plug it, it might grow back…. I tell my nephew that I am planning to grow a beard in order to be the main attraction in a circus 😉 If it grows any longer I will plug it and face the risk of terrible regrowth.

We spend the afternoon in H1, a new event location right by our local lake (Hennesee) and it feels like being on holiday – water, sun, a cool location with a beautiful terrace overlooking the Hennesee with great food! Wow – they are building a large playground and you can hire stand-up paddling boards and boats…. This is such an upgrade for the lake, my new hangout for when in Meschede ❤️ and we will go there again tonight with my school friend Frauke!

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