18 May 2018

Radiation 15/28 is done and I am waiting for my first colonoscopy …. whoohooo!

I actually know two women, who work in the endoscopy department in St. Vincent hospital and I am happy they are not the ones doing it…

My two babies were born in this hospital and it is a place I like to be! I am a bit nervous…. what if…. but it does not help anyway 😉

I have to put on sexy x-large shorts with an opening in the back….The team is really nice, but they have trouble finding a vein … thank you chemo – nice side effect, which will probably stay ! As the blood pressure meter inflates for the second time, I realize that they put it on the arm, where some lymph knots are missing …. ahhh! That is a no go, which I have to remember, but I am happy I was not asleep yet and dose off while they check my bowel.

My vision is blury and I am a bit dizzy, when I wake up, get dressed and wait for my results – large and small intestine are all fine and I get a compliment how well prepared and clean it all was….. hmmmm 🤔

I have late lunch and coffee with the girls, slowly walk home with a little rest in the park and look forward to a relaxed afternoon and evening in the garden 😎

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