17 May 2018

Half time ….. whoohooo radiation 14/28 is in the books 🎉🎉🎉

Otherwise I have first world problems today 😉 Tired…. yep, no surprise here. I shall eat only limited dietary fibre due to my colonoscopy tomorrow and from 4 pm I stop food all together and empty my bowel…. ahhhhh…. yuck!

I have nothing planned for today, right …. apart from radiation, where I swish in and out without makeup, bring back some white bread rolls and do … NOTHING until the kids come home and that is the first time since ages! No phone calls, no to dos – it’s not that there isn’t a list of things I have to do, but not today! I linger around in bed, eat and watch movies, etc…. awwww – that’s the life 😍

And now the kids will be home any minute and I have to drink the Moviprep to prepare myself for my first colonoscopy …. wish me luck!

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