16 May 2018

Radiation 13/28 – Ingrid (I actually met her before in the tube, but she was wearing a wig) has the same funny regrowth like me – super strong above the ears…

I am tired, but can rest today after the running Mamas 😀 and actually make it to a Lufthansa event in the evening. Why bother?!? I am not working right now…. but it is fun & food & laughter. It feels a bit like normal life, an after work party and the weather is mild for a walk across the Rhein river!

The fresh air makes me feel alive! Normal life is something I am longing for, but on the other hand, it feels so good to break out of the routine! I just wish I had more energy – today the only task I manage to do is calling my oncologist to arrange an appointment for June….tomorrow I will try the next thing on my list – call the insurance company 😉

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