20 May 2018

Being in Meschede brings back many memories – childhood memories, youth memories…. coming home late from a lovely evening with Frauke and watching TV with my brother in the middle of the night, is something I have not done forever…. normal, nice and peaceful!

I manage to visit my school friend Anne-Karen and her family today. She is married to Tobias, who also went to school with us and it is quite funny how life and love takes crazy turns, as they fell in love years after having left school! I have know Anne-Karen since I was 10, spent most my youth with her and it also feels like ’normal‘ life being with her in the house she grew up in – and normal is what I need right now.

I want to do normal things and plan a holiday for the summer, but need to know my chemo schedule presuming that I will be fit enough, I will organise something easy, where I can rest and relax. Ideally I want to be by the seaside, but a lake would already do…. let’s see what I find – after all I work in the travel industry and should take advantage 😉. A short trip to see my godmother Ingrid at her place in Mondsee is definitely possible and I might go by myself to chill, meditate, swim and relax between chemos!?! We will see….

Before we take off, we manage to stop at the Hotel von Korff to see my cousin Antje, her husband Dirk and my godchild Sophia. I feel old having a godchild – or actually two, as my other godchild Lale is Sophia’s age – who is a young woman herself and Antje reminds me of my childhood, kids birthday parties and the times we spent in the hotel – my grandfather was actually born in room 8 and I love the house!

I am happy to be back in Cologne and happy that tomorrow is another public holiday, as my breast can do with a break – I noticed a sun tan this morning in the radiated area and it tickles a bit 😉

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