21 May 2018

Fatigue…. cancer fatigue, kids fatigue, whatever fatigue…. I am soooo tired!

I had this picture taken by Annegret Balsereit about half way through chemo, just before loosing my last eyebrows and lashes and I don’t think that I was this tired then…. but then again, it is all a bit blurry 😉

My eyebrows and lashes are back, my hair is back, but radiation is adding to my fatigue and even though I look fitter, I am not! Looks can deceive … looking healthy, looking fit, looking rich, poor, pretty, ugly, smart, stupid whatever…. you only see the outer shell, but you will not know what is happening inside until you speak to me! Cancer is not visible and neither are all the treatment side effects.

After brunch at Simone’s, I return early to start cleaning the balcony (no, I am not a typical cleaning-my-car-and-everything-during-a-public-holiday German, but the professional drainage cleaners are coming around tomorrow ….. oh whatever…. it only means putting some chemicals onto the floor and leave it…. big deal)…and to rest a bit!

I am tired and scroll – despite the weather being brilliant – through the social media….. and what do I read? People suffer from fatigue years after treatment?!? OMG – things have to change and the same post from Anna talks about an anti fatigue app for cancer patients….. whaaaaattt?!? I download it straight away and whenever I will have a bit energy in the future, I shall test it – it is called Untire – beating cancer fatigue 🤔

I am proud to have finally prepared my tax return yesterday tough and am determined to send the 25 year high school reunion invitation email this week …. babysteps!

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