22 May 2018

I am home after radiation and a reflexology and acupuncture session – calm, tired and sentimental. Even my fingers hurt now in the morning, but Ingrid says it is the same for her and it feels like we are these two whinging grannies complaining about their aches and pains 😂

Throwback Tuesday?!?!! London 1998 – my friends from Aachen visit me for my 25th birthday and we do some sightseeing – I had managed to save 1.000DM and just bought my first car! It was one of my happiest times!

If my life was a movie, London would be the location for some of the key scenes, which leveraged my lifelines and my love.

I have always been fascinated by London and when my flight attendant buddy Jan told me about his plans to study at Thames Valley University (now University of West London), I applied to study Tourism Management there…..

A lot of my closest friendships started in London – it was my 22nd birthday, when I met Jan’s girlfriend Anke in the dreadful nightclub „Broadway Boulevard“ ❤️ and lived with some funny, weird and wonderful people.

This is where I first met Markus, the father of my kids, when my friends from Aachen brought him along for my 23rd birthday…. he had really long hair back then!

Just after my 25th birthday, I dated Nick, who suddenly vanished and broke my heart. I was recruited to work onboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) for the summer and ended up going to sea for nine years – after which Nick miraculously reappeared …. but that’s another story!

On the 26th August 2017, I was in the shower in London, getting ready to travel down to Southampton for the QE2 50th anniversary crew reunion, when I felt a lump in my left breast….

I love the country, the people and the accent! I need to plan another trip there – and I want make my 2CV fit again, when I have the money. I will probably go to an InterNations evening tonight to bring some international flair into my life!

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