7 May 2018

What a day…. I hardly have time to breath and have to leave the house without a coffee/ breakfast…. radiation, music therapy, alternative practitioner and Kindergarten. I drop off Leo at a birthday party and get ready for the Distribution and Sales Team Meeting dinner with my colleagues from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Is it all worth it? I think so, radiation kills my cancer, music therapy lets my heart sing while our voices travel over the roof tops in the skies and the practitioner advised me how to change my diet. Apparently the raw food is too much for my digestion and I shall continue to eat porridge …. I will try it and see what happens!

It is wonderful to see all my colleagues and it feels so normal! They are a bunch of wonderful people and I am happy to have a somewhat normal evening. It feels like I am part of this normal working life and I still am – at least for tonight! Some of my former colleagues from Controlling and Sonja join after dinner, it is the first of these mild summer evenings, where you sit outside and chat away and time just flies. I could sit there for hours, but I am tired and take a taxi home! Thank you for the wonderful evening!

The daily radiation does not take a lot of time, but is really is getting on my nerves. If only it wasn’t each working day…. pfewwww… on top of it this week is packed with medical appointments and I am exhausted just thinking about it! Thank goodness for a public holiday on Thursday!

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