29 May 2018

I find my inner calm today – or maybe it is just being tired plus heat, but I let this day go by…. radiation 22/28 and I have to get an extension for my taxi contract, as the insurance company only granted it until the 31st May…. another month is gone! Wow! I get the form from the radiation people, take a picture and send it to the insurance company by email and mail hoping that they will react fast enough for me to send the paperwork to the taxi company…. useless administrative burdens 🙄, but it is ok, I see the psycho oncologist afterwards and go home to cook something!

Peaceful and mellow and my friend Inga blends in quite nicely, when she stops by for lunch & coffee! I almost fall asleep while hanging out with her, but enjoy it a lot!

The rest of the day is ice cream & kids gymnastics for Leo, lymphdrainage and an little evening get together with the Sauerländer-in-Köln group 😉 I am happy as I effortlessly slide through the day and am on my way home making an effort not to fall asleep in the tube, while my bones and joints and actually my whole body is longing to be in bed!

Lesson learned – my physio therapist tells me off for being outside in a bikini, as I still have chemo skin, it does not help my radiated skin and the argument that I was only in the shade with 50+ sunscreen did not seem to make a difference. The radiated area is actually red since yesterday…. it could be a combination of having two radiation sessions in one day and the raise in temperature and not managing completely to stay away from the sun?!? I shall pamper it as much as I am allowed and I am over the moon that only six sessions are left now!

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