28 May 2018

World Blood Cancer Day – are you registered with DKMS? It is a saliva swab and some information are needed and you are done! And if you are qualified to be a donor, it is quite harmless and pain free! Most of the time the stem cells can be taken from your blood!

I start the day with radiation 20/28 and make my way to music therapy, as the temperatures are climbing sky high and the sun is bright…. only then I realize that I wear no sun screen and feel exposed, as I normally wear a 50+ all the time…the worst about the sun and me are pigmentary defects or spots I battle with…. I got some free samples of Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum, which is made of grapevine sap and should tackle my dark spots, boost radiance and even out my skin tone …. hmmmm… today it looks like there is a slight improvement, but I shall let you know, if it really works 😉

There was a TV reportage (beginning of part 2) about our music therapy on RTL’s Fakten Checker, which emphasizes the importance and power of music and I fully agree. It looks a bit like an esoteric singing circle, but it is not. For me, the music therapy is the highlight of my week and can really make a change for any cancer patient! It is run by Haus LebensWert, a psycho oncological association and is entirely financed by donations – a cause worthwhile supporting!

Lately there are some bad news floating through my cancer community and my thoughts are a lot with Paula, Nadine, Sabrina, Rachel, Tom and many others, but also with Dany, who I am meeting for lunch. She is in remission, ready to enjoy her summer before returning to work in autumn, when she discovers a new tumor…. her journey is starting all over again and she is incredible! Thank you Dany for making your way to Cologne – it was lovely and Instagram really brings people together ❤️ this community is magic! I never expected these wonderful connections and people, who it is so easy to connect with, as we all walk parts of the same path together!

I feel like I am having a Groundhog Day, as I am in the radiation center again in the afternoon for 21/28. A doctor wants to see me afterwards and apparently I have done a good job baby powdering my breast, but now I shall start putting Asche Basis creme on the slightly red patches and the scar area and baby powder only on the lines. Thank goodness there are only seven sessions left!

I have a short afternoon interval with my kids and am off to a parent evening in Kindergarten, which is quite entertaining as we are playing kids games and sing children songs and by the time it is over, it is too late for yoga – not that I have any power left 😉 …. I grab some crisps and junk food for dinner, as I have no energy left 😉

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