27 May 2018

Since we had such a nice time with Christina, Daniel and the kids yesterday, we all go to the open air pool Lentpark to start the day…. well, I am not allowed to go swimming, but I just watch the kids from the shade with Christina, who is nursing wee baby Mattis. I do love this place, as it is one of the nature pools without chlorine and even has a little sandy beach. I want to swim, badly, but enjoy it anyway and meet a lot of people I know. If it wasn’t for the war paint, one would not see that I am in therapy – I guess – since the scars from my port and my sentinel removal are minimal and the scars on my breast are covered.

On an energy high I cook some strawberry rhubarb jam and bake pancakes, but now we have to leave for a 2nd birthday BBQ across the road! Yes, I am tired, but today feels like normal life and all these happy moments give me the energy for the three days stretch until the next public holiday on Thursday 😜

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