26 May 2018

Weekends have a different meaning now, as radiation makes my weeks busy and I can finally have a laying, as the kids are nicely playing with each other! I feel I am on top of the world, but it does not last for long…. we go to the market and by the time we hit the zoo playground, I am exhausted and have to sit on a bench…. I don’t even see my kids and decide to sit underneath the climbing frame in the shade…. great! Not!

While the kids have lunch in the zoo, I take my bike to run some errands and while riding my bike always gives me a feeling of freedom, makes me happy and makes me feel alive, I also feel the sun …. I am drenched and exhausted.

Thinking about it, I am happy that my chemo was during the winter months – I love the sun, but I cannot stand the heat, prefer the shade or the seaside to summer heat in the city and am glad that some friends are coming over for a chillaxing BBQ this afternoon – it is just what I need.

Markus is going out tonight and all I want to do is sit outside, read – for a change – and have a glass of wine!

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