25 May 2018

„Code red code red“ …. I have actually no idea what the announcement was, but suddenly all the doors in the radiation center open and loads of people in white coats run up the stairs past the waiting area carrying different equipment…. we wait and see and I am being called into radiation 19/28 and am being informed that it was a medical emergency…. I am shortly relieved that it was not a radiation accident and even more relieved that it was a false alarme….. while the radio beams run trough my chest (you don’t actually feel a thing and with all the red and green lights, I always wonder when it is actually active….) I think about the different emergency codes we had onboard the cruiseships… there is a code for fire, medical emergency, pirates, man overboard, etc., which only the crew understands in order not to distract the guests onboard. Today, I am code tired, but I think it is getting better!

The train station is next door to my radiation center and Sabrina and I meet there to drop off some chocolate for the team of the DKMS, who work onboard a train, which tours all week through Germany to register stem cell donors, as it is World Blood Cancer day on the 28 May, when their last stop is in Berlin – tomorrow is Leipzig and Sunday Hamburg! Please go there to get registered – it can save lifes – Sabrina’s for example! If you can’t go, you can request a donation set to be sent to you – check out the website!

Registration is super easy – you just hold a cotton bud into your mouth. In case you are a match, it is really easy as well to be a donor and it is a myth that they have to puncture your bone marrow – most of the donors nowadays have to give blood and that’s it….I am happy to support DKMS in any way I can, as I no longer qualify as a donor and had to inform them to delete me from their database – who wants to be my replacement?!?

I am resting now to have energy for my trial yin yoga session with im possible yoga and an afternoon with Hannah, Finlay & Josephine – sunshine, 28 degrees and a splashpool …. what else do you need 🤗

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