24 May 2018

I have a magic moment last night – autogenic training is nice, relaxing and I enjoy it, but the big WOW comes in form of Bokoma rings, which Beatrix Häcker gives us in between two exercises …. I wish I had known about them earlier! You slide these metal rings, which are similar to winded elastic hairbands, onto your fingers, move them up an down and not only do they relieve any pain I have, but also take away the numbness and my fingers seem to be less swollen … I order them straight away after my return home and will probably wear them 24/7 from now on 😀

Another positive side effect is a very deep and relaxing sleep and I feel actually quite good in the morning!

Radiation 18/28 goes smoothly and I decide that it’s about time to ask, if I need to see a doctor at any point and if I have missed something, as other radiation patients have to see a doctor every week?!? No mistake or missed action on my part – the radiographers will apparently advise me when I need to see a doctor unless I feel that I want to see one…. no, thanks! By the time I leave the radiation center and my eyes lids are suddenly really heavy – oh joy…. at least I had an awake couple of hours today…. babysteps 😉

I am meeting my Insta friend Angela for breakfast at Alte Feuerwache and actually stay for lunch, as it is so good to see her! We were both diagnosed in August 2017 and had roughly the same timing with everything …. it is once again really nice to share! Thank you ❤️ I look forward to getting my first proper trim at our wigmaker & hairdresser Tatjana Richartz!

We do agree that once the chemo is over, there is a gap …. nobody is there to check your blood regularly, there are no checks, scans, etc. to make sure that all is going according to plan… is there a plan? There are too many negative news lately of recrudescence during treatment or early remission… maybe it is time that the health system and the insurance companies focus a bit more on post-rehabilitation support, as it all seems a bit re- instead of proactive. Offence is the best defence and in the long run, it could save money …. I am not there yet – at the end of this way – but from all the stories I see and hear, there seems to be too much leeway in the after care, which is spot on in some clinics/ countries and random in others. Now here is something the „Invisible Army“ can shed some light on 😉

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