31 May 2018

Guess what – there is some news for you – I am soooo tired today! It is a public holiday though and I want to do something fun with the kids…. no chance of leaving the house yet! I am physically there, but I feel like I am trapped in a parallel universe… far away from my kids. Even a little resting does not help! In a hopeless try to get more energy, I eat two bars of chocolate, no, no little bars…. ahhhh, I know…. and yes, it is a complete fail and I have even less energy….my circulation hits rock bottom 😴 and my joints and bones hurting every time I get up, does not really add any joy….

In an attempt to beat my fatigue, as exercise is good during cancer treatment and to do something good, I decide to fundraise for Bowel Cancer UK in their „Step up for 30“ campaign. Throughout June I will be stepping up and doing 30 minutes of physical activity every day for 30 days – watch this space …. might even start to play tennis 😉 as part of this challenge! You can support me donating to my Just Giving page! And yes, it starts tomorrow and the way I feel today, I might just straight away sign off again 😂

Highlight of my day? My kids picking flowers for me and I hope that my mojo returns as I drag my body into the forrest, where the kids play and I walk along and sit around. „Look at that, there is someone, who wants to go skiing!“ Is Leos answer to a Nordic walker passing by, who naturally hears that as well, but does not even blink 😂 To my shock, I notice – and I promise that it is pure coincidence and I am not a city nerd – that I am wearing a green dress and happen to have…. again, no clue where that came from… painted my nails green today! Living the outdoor experience full on!

My vocal therapist talked about forrest bathing and while I sit on a stump, watching Markus and my kids pass by, I try it…. it is just being mindful, listening to the birds, sucking in the fresh air and nature’s energy…. I love the peace – until one of the kids falls, cries, is thirsty, hungry, bored or needs a cuddle 😉 in Mummy terms, any five minutes are quite an achievement!

I am still exhausted, but I feel better and my mood has equally brightened up. Time for the kids to go to bed and for me to have a glass of Aperol Spritz outside before I crawl into bed myself!

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