1 June 2018

Feel it on the first! 9 months ago, I had just stopped nursing my second child and would have loved to have another baby, but instead, I was diagnosed with breast cancer….the only reason that it was detected this early, was because I felt it myself – not that I checked, it was by accident while showering…. lucky me. My gynecologist did check in May and there was nothing there. It grew within no time, as it is super aggressive, fast growing and this kind of tumor loves to spread! I am hopefully on the right path to tell it where it can go, but if I had not felt it, the outlook could have been much worse….

I sit for ages on the steps outside the radiation center…. 24/28 is in the books, yeah, and I think I got away quite lucky, as there is redness, but it is not too bad. My physio therapist considered it badly burned, but I have seen worse and it does not bother me – apart from being exhausted.

I think about not being fit enough to look after my kids by myself, but also about Tom, Dany, Vriesl and my other cancer companions…. in a way it is all surreal and on the other hand scary, but also wonderful, horrible and horrendous, hilarious and tragic – all at once!

I get up and walk in my usual ‚robot‘ style for a few meters until the stiffness is gone. I look forward to getting up smoothly and to no longer dreading stairs …. thank goodness that this is temporary! Off to the doctor to get June’s sick note…. and then I am peeping into two shops, as I need a dress for a wedding and buy a tennis dress Oh no … what am I thinking 😂

It must be the heat, but suddenly I am too exhausted to drop off my sick note at work, even though it’s around the corner and I forget to buy cake for Mia’s little belated birthday get together with her friend Lia. I manage to quickly bake one, but I also rest and have a lovely afternoon/ evening!

Physical activity for the day!?!?!? Hmmm…. 🤔 after two glasses of champagne I actually get my yoga mat out and do 30 minutes of Kundalini yoga way past 10pm …. totally rocking the „Step Up for 30“ challenge – 1/30 is done and get a notification that I already raised £100 before even starting….. wow! You guys are amazing – thank you so much!!! I will sleep very well tonight!

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