28 July 2018

Being exhausted last night, I still could not sleep…. the lunar eclipse? The chemo pills? The heat? It’s like the cortisone push I used to have – tired, but cannot sleep, exhausted, but restless….

Therefore I feel like in a bubble today, vegetate through the morning and early afternoon until Markus and the kids leave for a BBQ invitation at Alex and Lea’s and I stay at home…. I will join them later, but I have hot flashes, am dizzy and super tired. Just a little rest is something I am longing to have since getting up…. and now is the time 🤗

It is not until 8pm I get up… and I clean myself up and go! And I am happy I join them at least for a little while, as the party is nice, I am happy to see a few people again, enjoy the food and watching the kids …. and I need to rush home, as I once again forget my chemo pills, but I am tired anyway! Good night 😂

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