27 July 2018

Pfeww… 37 degrees until 7pm, but it is actually ok!

Highlights of my day are

1) Angela and I get our free post-chemo cuts with Tatjana Richartz, who made our wigs…I actually never wore mine and checked, if she could give it back, but that does not work, so I will probably donate it somewhere else, unless I want to keep it for dressing up…. I will think about it 😉

2) my host parents from Minnesota visit me…. we have not seen each other for 27 years and it is amazing! It just seems like yesterday we saw each other and despite a little aging, they have not changed at all! We just stay at my place, have waffles and a BBQ and chill and talk. The Irish lady and her German husband bring back great memories of Peter Rabbit, stirring Plumpuddings, dozens of Stollen baked with cream cheese, cat hair all over my clothes, as I forgot to close my wardrobe… „good girl“ molly the dog and lots of „Jesus, Mary and Joseph“s ❤️

Leo is sleeping, Mia tired, but still bubbling away next to me and I hope to see the lunar eclipse soon.

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