26 July 2018

Yep…. hot… the alternative practitioner Frau Kakizaki does a reflexology foot massage and places her acupuncture needles to help bone pain, for cooling and in the „holy temple“ on top of my head ?!!? Whatever helps…. I look like a hedgehog, but it’s ok.

Next stop onchology – the temperature is already at 35 degrees, which I find already hot, when swimming, but on the tube it’s like sitting in an oven… chemo nurse Fassbender and the team are jolly – well, there is AC 😉 The pain in my hip every time I get up or sit down is bearable, but I just want to confirm today that it is normal and not some metastasis. It is not a side effect from chemo pills, but rather the previous chemo and radiation….Her trick of the day – continue taking vitamin D and pineapple juice against bone aches…. fresh from the juicer …. I shall give it a try.

Rehab is another subject…. I want to go in January, but it might fall into December…. there is no strategy yet, but there is no way I will go for Christmas…. I would never do that to my kids… never ever!

Across the street is Cafe Buur, where they sell unicorn bowls of which €2 go to DKMS LIFE…. it is cool, tasty and gives me a little break before going back into the sun…. home, kids, splashpool is all I can face right now!

Tomorrow I write about closeness and distance and I want to check out the untire app … but it is too hot and I am too tired! As Maja parts today for more than three weeks in Italy, I am glad that Simone is back from New York and joins us for splashpool fun with the kids! Jetlag and cancer fatigue …. what a team! I will mobilize the last energy and ride my tired bones to yin yoga at I’m possible yoga – outside!

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