25 July 2018

Positivity!! I have always been a positive person and it really helps to get me through treatment, keeps me going and let me move on. There surely are ups and downs and the cancer journey isn’t a fun ride, but there is nothing I can do about it and to concentrate on the positive helps me, as I don’t have a choice anyway!

A smile will always help my mood and a laugh can lift me up! And I laugh a lot!

But there is also a downturn to this: Because I don’t moan all day, people always assume that I am alright…. people say… „you are so positive, you will beat the cancer“…. sorry to say, but positivity does not kill cancer. It helps and certainly can aid the recovery, but cancer is a beast and without my treatment, I could not survive… I have also learned to say, when I am not well – especially now that I look fit and healthy 😉 … or at least I try!

Furthermore, if it works for me, it does not necessarily work for someone else. Everyone has a different cancer story!! Don’t compare…. If you are generally not a positive person, why should you be one during cancer treatment?!? Everyone finds their own way through this, but what helps me a lot is the exchanges with my fellow cancer buddies….

Again, there are patients, who don’t want this closeness and especially in remission they try to distance themselves from the illness and that is absolutely ok and at some point for sure a good strategy. My chemo buddy Katja said after rehab, that she never ever wants to talk about cancer again!

For me, however, I get strength from my cancer buddies, I am still in treatment and am still not tired to talk about it – no matter, if it’s the ups or the downs we share….surely the downs and yes, especially death, hit me hard, but there is so much companionship, that it helps to share and we can even lift each other up and – at least for me – it means so much!

There are patients, who don’t want this close contact to other patients…. that is fine as well – we are all different, have our different ways to cope and please do us a favor – don’t stereotype….we give cancer a face, but we are still all individuals!!

After my running Mamas thrill today, I concentrate on …. surviving in tropical climate…. watermelon and splashpool… any recommendations??! And what was I thinking?!?! A hairdresser appointment at 5:00pm for my kids 🤦‍♀️ and before you ask – the smile is on my new shopping bag from Flying Tiger…. and I love it – €1 that puts a smile on my face ❤️

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