24 July 2018

It is a hot hot summer, but a little iced coffee and a chat at Maja’s do the trick…. the main thing on my mind today is LASHES…. or rather parting lashes 😉

I finished the main chemos 5 1/2 months ago and last week I am suddenly loosing lashes …. not just a few, but a lot…. is this the regular renewal and as they all came back at the same time, they all leave together? Is it a side effect of my new chemo pills (I have the feeling that I am loosing hair as well, but it resists any hectic pulling and tearing of mine)?!? There are short stubbles, but less than half my lashes are left…. and my eyebrows suddenly seems ‚lighter’…. hmmm!

I check with my fellow cancer buddies – thank you #Instafriends…. always there when I need them – and it is the same for most of them… and it can apparently happen a few times past finishing chemo. The good news is that normally it levels out, meaning that the renewal is at some point slowly but surely staged and not simultaneously …. pfeww…. good that I know.

Energy levels are ok despite the tropical temperatures and since Leo has a ‚date‘ with Carla today, I have the pleasure of only taking one child to the public pool. I feel a bit tired, but how relaxing is that experience….it seems I always had two kids with me in the past, since I only had one summer with Leo alone before Mia was born…. the only drama – they sold out of french fries and basically any food part from icecream 😉

Chemo pills side effect of the day…. I helped Leo build LEGO yesterday and the skin on my thumbs is still sore from pushing the bricks in place….. hello?!? You must be joking…. extra cream tonight!!

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