23 July 2018

Here we go again…. I am on the 8:20 flight from Munich to Cologne…. just like last Monday! Tired, but happy!

Due to high demand, the flight is operated by an Airbus A330, which is nothing unusual, but I have this long distance feeling, as I board the plane…. they show the distance of 435km and the world map on the screen – how I would love to just fly to Bali now… hmmm, but music therapy starts at 10:00 and I need to go back to Cologne into my little cancer world!

What motivates me? Yes, I look forward to seeing my kids again, booked my flights to London for late October and yes, music therapy is the highlight of my week…. someone from the ‘outside’ world would just burst out laughing, thinking we are some sort of esoteric hare krisma singing circle standing on the roof terrace on the 12th floor, singing Hawaiian and Maori songs, but it does sooo much to me!

It is a hot day and I have flowers in my hair, see Kim dancing the hoola, am in the South Pacific in the crystal clear blue water, while sting rays float passed and my feet touch the sandy ground lined with palmstrees slowly dancing in the wind….the singing frees my body and mind, my voice is stronger and I am stronger….

Leaving my little South Pacific flower world, I see the psycho-oncologist and my to do is to cross off at least a third of any to do list I have ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am happy to slowly make my way home, just need a quick referral from Prof. Dr. Breidenbach, buy bits and bobs and see Sonja for lunch….. I am so tired, but calm and happy and I think I am ready for this week… hopefully, but then again, it’s not that there are any alternatives anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

There is no energy for the rest of the day, it somehow I make it 8:00pm and I am off to bed now ๐Ÿ˜ด…. please keep your fingers crossed that the kids will fall asleep soon!

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