20 December 2018

Oh what a night with my cousin Sylvie.... an operetta - "Im weißen Rössl" ("the White Horse Inn") by Ralph Benatzky - light entertainment one could say.... but what a blast! The costumes, the sceneries, the ideas... they really make the most out of the possibilities and sometimes just simple tricks would do the magic... Continue Reading →

19 December 2018

Coffee.... a lot of Coffee! Gosh, I need it.... I was out last night in Suderman's Winterwonderland, in bed in the wee hours of the morning and I am a tired, but happy chappy girl today.... What do I do?!? Coffee dates with my LaufMamaLauf girls, with Maja and in between I even manage to... Continue Reading →

18 December 2018

Thank you, Rui Camilo for the pictures - they remind of our inspiring #mutmacherin workshop in Cologne with DKMS LIFE ❤️❤️❤️ My alternative practitioner visit was refreshing.... apparently my 'metal' is very 'active' as I am letting a friend go.... hmmm.... or it might be a cold 🤔 Nevermind, I probably have paperwork I should... Continue Reading →

17 December 2018

#gibachtaufdich - #lookafteryourself.... that is my theme and my onchological psychologist reckons that I am doing not too bad. It is the time of the year that a lot of people stress.... but why? Instead of enjoying quality time with family and friends, they rush around buying presents that probably everyone could easily live without...... Continue Reading →

16 December 2018

Jolly jolly times.... there it is - our first snow this year and the kids go crazy and build with next to nothing a snowman! Underneath the snow is a letter... a reply to the letter the kids wrote last night - thank goodness it was waterproof ink 😉 We actually went to a family... Continue Reading →

15 December 2018

Enjoying the Christmas magic, cutting a tree (next year we will use one of the environmental friendly alternatives 😉), having mulled wine and spending quality time with my kids at Gut Clarenhof ❤️.... and this afternoon, we are decorating the tree, fill the room with Christmas tunes and eat tons of cookies 🤗

14 December 2018

Please don't spoil the magic....we walk through the night, we see angel hair and is that Santa's sledge far far away or just a star.... the Christmas star or just any star?!? How many more sleeps?!? What is my biggest wish?!? For me, I don't have any apart from living a long life, as I... Continue Reading →

13 December 2018

Paperwork, calls, you name it.... I do a tiny weeny bit, but spend this lovely day in Christmas spirit, colouring window paintings, making cookie dough and taking it easy! Paperwork, see you tomorrow, I needed chillaxing at home and me time 😉

12 December 2018

What a day! Kindergarten talk, doctor, wedding of our household aid Jessica, Christmas presents done and dusted and I am on my way to pick up four kids.... with our other household aid! Pfeww.... Yesterday I received the film, which documented my stay in Avène and it brought back all the nice memories - it... Continue Reading →

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