17 December 2018

#gibachtaufdich – #lookafteryourself…. that is my theme and my onchological psychologist reckons that I am doing not too bad.

It is the time of the year that a lot of people stress…. but why? Instead of enjoying quality time with family and friends, they rush around buying presents that probably everyone could easily live without… write cards to people they don’t care about, but feel obliged, go to events the feel they have to go!

Everyone can find their own way, but I don’t do presents (apart from the kids and we try to keep it to a minimum…. big fail this year 😉). I only started cards after I had kids and really only send them to people I want to send them to and if it is February that is fine with me…. I enjoy seeing friends and family at Christmas, slowing down and the magic! Give smiles & love instead of presents and enjoy this special time of the year ❤️

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