16 December 2018

Jolly jolly times…. there it is – our first snow this year and the kids go crazy and build with next to nothing a snowman! Underneath the snow is a letter… a reply to the letter the kids wrote last night – thank goodness it was waterproof ink 😉

We actually went to a family service at Luther church with all our friends and their kids and it was wonderful! Church is not my cup of tea and that is why I am member of this church… they are open minded and different. Not only are regular concerts in this church with lights, sounds and a bar, lectures and events, they also marry gay couples, are open for anything and are very close to the community.

In other words, even if I have almost never been since the Christening of my kids, even if I am not a church fan, this church makes me feel homey and I actually love it! Thank you Kulturkirche – as we leave church, after singing and dancing with the kids, there is a little Christmas market outside and we have food, mulled wine and Santa strolls through the crowd…. we meet the friends and acquaintances, there is a wee bit of snow, but city kids consider this being enough for a snowball fight! My heart is filled with joy!

We spend the afternoon at our friend Simone’s, I actually brought some pencils to draw more window pictures for her and with her and I am happy! Oh jolly jolly Christmas time! At the end all four kids play happily together…. oh joy!

Oh and yes, we normally light our tree on the 24th, but I want to enjoy it as long as I can and therefore it is now fully lit 24/7 and our friend Michael will be the first to admire it with a little glass of wine tonight 😉

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