31 December 2018

We arrive at home this afternoon and I am exhausted, but happy to be here and equally scared, as I have no clue as to what lays ahead of us!

I take a 15 minute space mask rest – which promises miracles, intergalactic relaxation and the kind of space escape I am longing for – and then we will gently walk over to Simone’s for a cosy and quiet New Year’s Eve!

There are a lot of moments in 2018 I could have easily done without, reoccurrences and losses of friends and cancer buddies that devastated and scared me, sad times, illnesses and injuries and a lot of heartbreak, but I am grateful to be able to look back and say that it was an amazing year! My life is enriched with wonderful moments and amazing people! I have exceeded my own limitations, I am so much stronger and hopefully a better person, went out of my comfort zone and continued to change my life, my routines and habits….

I can be cool as a cucumber, when everyone is rushing around (and even though it drives some people mad, it feels right to me to do things in my own speed) and then I am back at juggling all tasks at once, but the direction is the right one and I definitely look more after myself and voice my needs.

And I want to do good and make a difference, continue to talk about cancer, break the tabu, engage myself in more charity work and motivate people to look after themselves. Have a wonderful 2019, you all and thank you for being there, for supporting and enriching my life! It has been a ball – most of the time – and I appreciate that you did not only go with me through the highs, but also through the lows! Onwards and upwards – I am ready to take off …. after some well deserved rest at my own pace in a mindful way spiked with more regular meditations than lately…. ❤️ look after yourself ❤️

Picture credit: Recover your Smile e.V.

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