1 January 2019

I heard about Kim for the first time one year ago – because she died, because she had breast cancer, because she was too young, because she inspired and it hit me in the face….

Why?!? It is horrible, yes, but on top of it, it made me realize that….

– you are never too young for breast cancer

– you should look after yourself and insist to get properly checked, if you feel something is wrong

– it does not matter how strong, positive, etc. you are, you cannot fight cancer – it does not play fair and it has it’s own rules

– how big and strong this Instagram community is – at this point I only knew about 5 breast cancer accounts

It scared the hell out of me and I was sitting in Luxembourg in a youth hostel crying my eyes out and I could not stop thinking about Kim…. who I never met, never heard of, did not know….

Her message lives on though through all of us, through Blogger4Charity and her partner Chris: Look after yourself, if you think that something is wrong, go to the doctor…. insist to be checked properly and if you don’t feel comfortable, change your doctor!

Unfortunately, it was the first of many deaths in 2018 – Amy, Sandra, Rachael….

Today I am tired, hungover, I have a sick child and am sentimental….

Thank goodness Simone and her family stop by, as Mia’s mobility goes as far as sitting for a bit, which slows us down a lot and it rains….the only thing I do is baking pancakes and making cookie dough for tomorrow, while I enjoy being close to my kids, watching a movie and chilling, I am exhausted and still in my pyjamas (which is quite handy, as I don’t need to get changed now before going to bed 🥴). Have a great start into 2019!

Photo credit: Recover your Smile e.V.

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