2 January 2019

No matter how busy you are …. yes, I forgot it – #feelitonthefirst! Make sure you check your breasts, boys and girls… it can save your life – it certainly saved mine and I only found my knot accidently as I NEVER checked my boobs!

And boy, I am so busy…. we are now trapped between doctors appointments for an immobile Mia (who is soooo brave, but still in a lot of pain) and my finger operation and its preparation, physio therapy, lymph drainage, dentist appointments and getting a referral from my gynaecologist for my senologist for a new sick note for January…. and I am soooo tired!

I call the rehab clinic and receive the info that my rehab starts February 6th, which is a relief, as there is no way I would have gone into rehab leaving a sick child at home. On top of it, I am only allowed to go swimming after the threads have been removed from my finger end of this month! Anyone else in Todtmoos in February?!?! It looks a bit idyllic like Avène and now I really look forward to the snow covered black forrest ❤️

It helps a lot that Leo is in Kindergarten as of today and has been invited to one of his friends this afternoon! Markus took half the day off, which gives me some time to organise everything…. Pfew! I actually rest a bit this afternoon after organizing my rehab with my insurance company and my employer and yes…. more paperwork! I let our household aid play with Mia, who is sitting, laughing and bubbling away…. my heart warms to see her like this!

I am still planning to go to Hamburg for the weekend, if Mia is better, because Mum will be here to help out and I need it…. but I take it day by day at the moment! Babysteps!

PS: my colleague wondered, where I got the black eye from…. it’s dark circles, honey 😉

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