3 January 2019

My day is full of doctor appointments, I am seeing my dentist at 7pm and I need to be 7:00am in hospital for my operation, but that is ok, because Mia is a super trooper, Mum will arrive tonight and I am packed to leave for Hamburg after my operation tomorrow to see my bosom buddies!

We have come a long way…. breast cancer with kids, chemos, operations, some said good bye to at least one boob and we were in this emotional rollercoaster ride together, sent endless videos to each other in every situation…. you are my rocks, my therapy group and most of all – my friends…. and we said we will all meet to celebrate that the cancer journey is over!

Things went a bit pear-shaped and what was supposed to happen this summer with sun, sand and lots of drinks, is happening now in freezing cold Hamburg, but the spirit is the same! We will celebrate life and to be alive and to have each other!

Girls, I cannot wait! Whooohooo!!

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