29 December 2018

While Mia slept well, the cure little boy from Africa had severe coughing attacks last night and was put on oxygen and nurses would be in and out of the room….

This morning I double checked that he was not contagious and they confirmed that he was on antibiotics and all was fine. I informed them that I finished chemo a month ago and that my immun system is not up to speed.

While yesterday they said that we could not have a single room despite the extra insurance we have, as they did not have any, we were moved to a single room within the hour…. hmmm, apparently it only freed up this morning?!?!…. Well, even if we leave today, I did not mind, as the constant TV running and the snoring of the boy’s mum is something I can easily live without! I tried to explain it to her (the move due to the chemo – not the snoring 😉) and hope that they do not take it personally…

So far there are no updates, but there will be a few checks and then we can hopefully go home today. Mia is already bending the injured leg, but still in a little bit of pain. She is a tough cookie though and I am so proud of her…. I still would rather go through an extra ten chemos instead seeing her in pain!

Thank you for all your wonderful messages ❤️

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