26 December 2018

On the 25th we have our traditional Christmas brunch with the extended family, my cousins from Frankfurt and Cologne are here and whoooo had the same idea to go to a restaurant?!? My childhood friend Lars and his family are sitting at the long table next to us – perfect!

I am full and tired, but happy, as we still go out at night after the kids are in bed – we all overeat… and fresh air is key, so there is another argument to go to Tröte – a pub I have been going to since my youth!

We are on our way home now, will spend the day in Essen with Markus‘ family and have a few to dos until the end of 2019.

After a good night’s sleep, I have the builders, a few appointments and need to face the rehab admin and paperwork tomorrow, as the information, where the rehab will be, arrived just before Christmas….

The clinic is in….. tatatattaaaaaa…. Todtmoos (and yes, I had the same look on my face 😳)….. I wanted to go to the seaside and this clinic is in the Black Forrest, next to the Swiss border and it seems that geographically you could not possibly be any further away from the sea….well, my initial reaction was to object, but I will probably not and still go, because:

– I wanted to go with Paula to St. Peter Ording and they are fully booked and there is no chance to go there, so that is no motivation

– I wanted to go to the seaside because I am a seaman and because I had pneumonia and feel my lungs could do with fresh sea air, but this clinic is specialized in pneumology and the air seems quite therapeutic in the black forrest

– the clinic has excellent reviews

– the black forrest covered in snow seems to be an attractive alternative, I have a few friends in the area and – shame on me – have never been there

– it reminds me of the Black Forrest Clinic – a TV series I loved as a child and in my head several soap opera scenes appear – that could be entertaining


– no Paula (but we arranged a bosom buddy reunion in Hamburg)

– no seaside

– an clinic’s image film only shows old people

– these old people are silk painting 🤦‍♀️ – my worst nightmare along with tongued owls and hand made dream catcher… but I guess that nobody can force me into any useless activities 😉

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