22 June 2018

#stepupfor30 – 7:30 am and I am jogging through the botanical gardens…. it is gorgeous, but I am tired… time for coffee with Maja ❤️

Tasty Pasty Co – the new shop on Schillplatz… what a brise of fresh air and little England in the heart of Nippes ❤️ …. my hope for a slimmer me is out of the window – today Maja and I have coffee, but I cannot wait to indulge myself in cream team, afternoon tea, shortbread …..hmmm!

Why do I meet Maja? She has the matching scarf to my light summer dress and since it is a bit cold, I need something to cover up…. feeling like a right Mrs. Bucket in my all colour matching, which is not really me, but you know what – I love it ❤️

Talking about colours and fashion – my dresscode used to be black, grey, dark blue…. sometimes a happy light grey or white, but since my diagnosis, I fancy wearing brighter colours! Watch this space…. I might turn into a fashion blogger 😂… not really!

We are off to Bernadette and Eric’s wedding and despite the fact that I never considered to get married, I looove going to other people’s weddings, am super romantic and the first one to cry! It is a lovely day and after church we take a boat across the Rhine river to the party location, which is perfect with a terrace overlooking Bonn and the river. I meet lovely people, see beautiful pregnant Miriam and am happy to sit next to Eva during dinner – who is also a cancer survivor and helped me a lot during my first days of being diagnosed ❤️

We actually stay until well after dinner and I am sad that I don’t have the energy to dance, but I am super proud that I managed the day this far and we are all tired on our way back home now!

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