28 June 2018

First day of my chemo free week – I should be happy, full of energy, enthusiastic, as it is a nice sunny day….

What a dreadful morning – I want to rest, as I am exhausted, get stuck on stupid series (never ever did I want to start one – how could this happen?!?!)… tired, sad, thinking too much, crying …. the whole enchilada. It is times like this I reflect my whole life, think that I wanted things differently, think that at times I did not really live my life to the fullest. Well, right now I cannot do that either, but I know I need to stop thinking and start living again. Normally I am quite good at it, but when I get the blues, I am not…

Thank goodness our household is starting work in the early afternoon – shower, clean myself up, do a post office run and try to mobilize the energy to take the kids to the public pool after Kindergarten! Only then I realize that I did not drink anything all day – that will change now!

I arrive quite late at the pool, but with the kids already in their swim gear and since I did not find anyone to go with me, I go by myself, have icecream, swim, go to the playground and even manage the big slide – it is a really scary one too and if it wasn’t for the kids, I would have gone down again. I bump into Steffi and Maja and can barely say hello, but I enjoy it ❤️

The pool afternoon is a winwin, as I ask Markus to pick us up and get time to swim for 30 minutes for my #stepupfor30 challenge while they have fries, which means dinner is also sorted and we get home past bedtime. Check out tomorrow’s activity – you will be in for treat 😉

Oups – tomorrow is Mia’s last day in her baby kindergarten and I still have to bake a cake…. no problem – I have energy now and just finish before my telephone date with my ship buddy Cheryl-Ann 🤗

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