27 June 2018

#stepupfor30 – I mobilize my last energy resources and go running with the Mamas…. today in football shirts – go Germany go ….. the afternoon will be spent rather passively, watching the game with friends and kids and I stocked up on fan merchandise…. nothing can go wrong now!

Why? Because I want a bit more football euphoria – this worldcup is missing Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands…. onwards and upwards! Black, red and yellow flower chains, face colours, wigs, tattoos, candy…. bring on today’s game! I collect the kids, we are all dressed, I paint all the kindergarten kids‘ faces with my new tricolor pen and meet the Mummy gang & kids to watch the game!

Well, think again – Germany is out, the streets are quiet again….there won’t be public viewings with cheering German crowds for the rest of the Worldcup and it is sad, but that’s the way it is.

Markus picks us up and I take my last chemo pills for this cycle before we cycle home! 1/8 is in the books and I have a week off chemo now! Time to go for autogenic training and my merchandise can still support Belgium, I guess 😉

Highlight of my day – my host parents from the States call to say that they are visiting Germany in July and think I have not seen them since 1991, when I was staying with them…. I was 17 then 😂

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