26 June 2018

After a coffee with Nina and a Thai massage with Maja – note to self: Head massages make poodle hair and I need to make an appointment for a haircut – I am ready for a trip down memory lane to pioh, my chemo center. Memory lane?! Well, yes and no – I am not on the heavy chemos anymore, but I am doing chemo pills and need regular check-ups.

It is lovely to see nurse Fassbender, who wants to flush my port – sorry, but I no longer have one – and examines the insides of my hands …. apparently they are red, but not too much and I am being asked if the soles of my feet are red/ hurt. No, I am fine – no diarrhea and no vomating and the dosage will be increased to 4 pills of 500 mg morning and evening, which brings me to 82% of my dosage, which is calculated by body surface, which increased over the past few months (unfortunately due to weight, not height 😉). Tomorrow I will be taking the last chemo pills of my first cycle and my body can rest for a week – 1/8 almost done 🎉

I somehow like being back at pioh, have a jacket potato at the Bear Salad place afterwards, scroll around the second hand shop next door and grab a bag of licorice from Bärendreck Apotheke. I have to visit the oncology regularly, but I am glad it’s only brief rendezvous, as the weather is way too nice to spend it there and during the winter I did not mind too much…

Today is Mia’s first official visit to Leo’s Kindergarten, where she is starting next week. Another big step and it will be so much easier to have both kids in one place

…. it reminds me when Leo started Kindergarten there and Mia was just a little baby ❤️ My energy level hits rock bottom, when we leave Kindergarten and all three of us go home, skip Leo’s gymnastics, the kids play in the sand pad and I rest on the sofa 😉

#stepupfor30 – I booked a trial tennis lesson with Lutz for next week. It will make up for not doing any exercise on Sunday 😉 and I end the day with 30 minutes of restorative yoga calming body and mind – I am thrilled to have discovered yoga tutorials on Amazon Prime…. a whole new world is opening up 🙏

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