30 June 2018

I have my time out with Christina and recharge my batteries… ok, I don’t leave the house until way past 8pm, there is no energy to dance the night away, but we have a nice evening with the InterNations people, sit in bed and chat a lot and I have a lay-in and a wonderful relaxed start into my day … chilling, talking, coffee … hmmm… just my thing! Thank you ❤️

Day 2 of my FeelGood challenge suggests the following practice: wear a bracelet, which is easy to remove and whenever you speak in a negative way about things you cannot change, e.g. the weather, people, whatever…, you change swap it over to the other wrist. Goal is it to wear it for 21 days on one wrist! I shall give it a go and since I wear tons of bracelets anyway (somehow the amount increased dramatically when I got my diagnosis, but I love them and try not to become Wolle Petry), I picked the one from Sonja, who I met during chemo!

The rest of the day is splash pool fun and chillaxing with the kids and my friend Doro, another kindergarten mummy and a friend, who – despite all my efforts to persuade her not to do so – moved to Jülich, comes over for coffee and cake and it is really nice to see her again! Last day I saw her was one day prior to my diagnosis …. I guess the Aloe Vera gloves and socks from her come in very handy now to prevent the red hands and feet from chemo pills 😉

#stepupfor30 finals…. what to do? Something special? Extraordinary? Well, I can barely lift my arms after tennis 😂… maybe just a quiet send off with an evening jog before it is Markus‘ time to go out tonight, but no, there is no time for that and the finale is a relaxing evening practice of yoga, which I will do right after doing posting this. Good night everyone and thank you for all your support during my 30 day challenge – keep your eyes open for my next challenge to support DKMS LIFE (a subsidiary of DKMS, who fight blood cancer through stem cell donations), who run the „look good feel better“ programme in Germany, offering cosmetic seminars and a hair programme for cancer patients!

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