1 July 2018

It’s summer time, 30 degrees and we are at Svenja & Ralf’s garden party! Wow, what an event with unicorn jumping castle, trampoline, splash pool, sand pad and all the toys you need for the kids to be entertained for hours! Plus all the friends, food and drink to keep me entertained for hours! Yes, I just need to grow a beard now to look like my friend Michael 😉 We stay until the early evening, put the kids‘ PJs on and hope they fall asleep on our way home ❤️… well, there was hope, but the kids are awake despite being exhausted beyond belief.

My energy level is ok and during the low stretches, I chill in the jumping castle or in some shady seats! I am really doing well 😀

Today I have the opportunity to try a Chike – the cargo bike our friends have developed for years, which is finally available for sale! It is amazing – it feels like a proper bike, as you can cut a corners just like with an ordinary bike and as an eBike version, you can cruise effortlessly! Wow!

Despite all the fun…. it is the first! Check your boobs! If I had not felt it early enough, this story might have taken different turns – my journey is not over yet, but I am positive, as my tumor had not spread yet and at the moment I am cancer free, while radiation and chemo is trying to kill anything that might start growing again!

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