2 July 2018

This is my week without chemo pills, but I don’t think they have massive side effects anyway, but that I am still having bone aches from my previous chemo and my tiredness is due to radiation – and I hope that this is fading now, as enough is enough…. I want a bit more energy or jut less tiredness!

Summer in the city and after a short night with the kids having wild dreams, the day starts with an 8am doctor’s appointment with Mia – the annual check, where all is fine …. our babysitter Pam looks after her, while I go to music therapy and the psycho oncologist.

I really look forward to Mondays nowadays – music therapy is truly uplifting, makes me stronger, gives me energy and it is amazing how As or Us can touch you in this way, but it works. Haus LebensWert runs these therapies on donations and this is something worthwhile donating to!

I run some errands, as – whoohoooo – our household aid is sick today …. I collect Mia and we pick up Leo for an afternoon of splashpool fun – I do pimp our little pool with water toys and an inflatable flamingo …. we have icecream, I put a hammock up and for dinner I am ordering something! I need to make sure I manage my energy alright and it works!

I am calm, relaxed and cannot be bothered by anything today! I forget to do things, prepare things, whatever – today I do not care. My kids clean the windows with their foam water toys and I let them… it keeps them busy, they have fun and it is only water…. before dinner we watch Jim Knopf, which I loved as a child and I am happy and now Markus can take over, while I am in the hammock đŸ˜‰

Little reward for myself? Yoga – if I ever get out of this hammock! Outlook – Mia is starting big kindergarten tomorrow!

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