3 July 2018

A mother’s summer tale…. it is 30 degrees and Mia’s first day in Kindergarten. We have a relaxed morning and after a tantrum due to the fact that Leo realizes upon arrival that he is wearing Crocs instead of sneakers 🤦‍♀️, he is super sweet and shows Mia around in her group and plays a bit with her. She then stays by herself, I sit outside and finally update the diary I write for her and we happily departed at 11am.

I just pop into our dm drugstore to quickly print off some photos for Mia’s kindergarten, when the drama starts…. my phone is not connecting to the printers and once I get it, the computer needs ages and the programme keeps shutting down…. I get assistance from a really nice employee and a stool to sit on, as I start feeling weak and Mia is whinging….

It finally works and Mia falls asleep on my arm. I have to laugh out loud, but am happy that we are seated and don’t get stressed when the colour ribbon needs changing, as I feel that Mia can do with a nap anyway.

Mia wakes up at the checkout and we stop at Tatjana Böhmer’s to stock up on berries before we have a quick lunch at Tasty Pasty …. oh, my heart jumps today, as Mia is so adorable!

We pick up Leo and relax on the terrace – I bought 30 ice sticks yesterday…. hmmm – that’s the life!

This is when cancer reality hits me again…. I am a bit tired from the heat and realize that I still have to hand in my insurance card to the doctors… I leave the kids with our household aid Jessica and sit on the tube on the way to Prof. Dr. Breidenbach…. I quickly drop off my sick notice at work and chat to my colleagues, but am tired and happy to return home!

I take it easy – my mum arrived this afternoon to stay until Saturday – and it’s the first Tuesday of the month, which is girls‘ night and today we are chilling at Bumann & Sohn’s beergarden – streetfood & cool drinks – bring it on! Yeah! A little bike ride and a bit of wind to blow through my curls is just what I need now!

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