4 July 2018

I wake up and can barely open my left eye…. any need for a mosquito bite there?!? Just what I always dreamt off… not!

I spend a quiet morning in Kindergarten! Mia wants to stay for lunch and does not want to go home afterwards…. therefore we stay and I am happy that she loves it. I sit outside, write her diary, read and relax…. lovely!

My Mum prepared lunch, but this way there will be more food for me!

This afternoon, I leave the kids with my Mum and go to the cathedral to meet Libby – my Instagram bosom buddy from Florida…. whoooohoooo! We connected during our journey and found out that we were on pretty much the same schedule, ended ratiation together and the only difference is that I will now continue with chemo fun… she is on a cancer recovery tour through Europe and I am so happy she and her friends take their time to stop in Cologne for a few hours. We stroll through the cathedral, the Roman ruins and the old town, have a beer and chat away – what an uplifting experience! Her friends give me a necklace with a shell from St. Petersberg (FL), which I wear with all my wristbands ❤️

I love it when I meet the digital friends in real life! Wow! These connections are truly amazing! I never used Instagram before November and with Insta suddenly this whole community of fellow breast cancer patients opened up, inspiring, supportive, sad, emotional – some amazing friendships started here…. we go through the ups and downs and along with us a large crowd of followers, who simple support, encourage and often make me laugh! Thank you – sometimes I don’t know what I would have done without you ❤️❤️❤️

I am a bit tired, take the wrong tube and walk the rest home….I still have time to read the kids‘ bedtime story, but Mia has a little fever already and falls asleep in my arm. It was a big day and she did not nap! …..gosh, I hope I won’t fall asleep at autogenic training, but all goes well…. last time this takes place, but I take a lot of calm into my daily life – or at least that is the aim.

As I come home, Mum is Holding crying hot Mia. I calm her down, lay down with her and she pukes all over me…. my poor baby. But at least she is not as hot any more and falls asleep next to me. Here I am watching over her, hoping she will have a good night’s sleep now, listening to her breathing , being alert each time she swallows a bit louder. I am glad my Mum is here, so I can shower and then I hold her in my arm and we fall asleep …. good night all!

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